Assistance with filling out immigration documents and other forms

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  • Forms and applications for immigration services
  • Food stamp documents
  • Medical insurance documents
  • Subsidided housing documents
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Assistance with filling out documents

Submitting documents and forms can be tricky. Government agencies require them to be filled out correctly. At first glance, the questions are not so difficult, as they relate to your personal data, your track record, family, plans and availability of funds, but it is very important to enter the information clearly, competently and correctly. We know the exact requirements of the state authorities, which guarantees that your case will be successfully considered by them.

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Lex Global Inc. assists with filling out documents. We know how demanding government agencies are. A small mistake made when filling out a document may cause it to be rejected, and the state fee – often a large sum of money won’t be returned. Therefore, it is better if we fill it out correctly for you. Sometimes interpreting the whole form to a client can save the client time and money, for examle to get free housing or food stamps.

We will help you translate the content of the questionnaires and fill out with you your questionnaire (I-589, I-130, I-485, I-400) and any others, we will tell you which documents you need to provide. Confidentiality guaranteed.



When you work with us, you can be sure that the only person who will be working with your documents is the translator. No discussions inside or outside the company. Confidentiality is our top priority. We protect our clients’ reputation and sincerely do our best to build trust with our clients.




We determine witch documents a client need help with


We carry out the translation and check the correctness


We meet with the client to finalize documents


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