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  • We prepare powers of attorney, consents and other documents which will work on the territory of the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan and other states of the former USSR
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We perform the following
notarial services:

* We prepare documents in Russian, English or Ukrainian. If necessay, we can issue documents in other languages.

* All documents are supplied with an apostille, therefore, they have legal force in the territory of the country for which they are issued.

Document processing steps

To issue a document, personal presence of the principal with an identity document is required. In addition, you need to provide details of the person for whom the document is issued.

When the document is executed and signed, the notary registers it, apostilles it, and translates apostile into one of the required languages. After that, the document is ready to be used  in the country for which the apostille is issued. Apostille is included in the price of the service. We also provide confirmation at the request of state authorities, notaries, credit institutions and other organizations of the country where the document is to be used.

The cost of the document starts at $200. The price depends on the complexity of the task and deadlines.

Please note that in the United States, notaries do not have a license to practice law. If you need legal assistance, we will guide you to the right attorneys to suit your needs.

Powers of Attorney

Power of Attorney allows you to delegate to another person the authority to perform any legal actions (for example, buying an apartment or opening a bank account). In some cases, the law allows a power of attorney to be issued as a written document, however most often a document must be certified by a notary and be in compliance with state laws of the United States.

Types of Power of Attorney


Registaration of inheritance, probate, wills

Real estate transactions



Consent is a document by which you grant another person the right to perform a certain action. For example, you can allow your child’s grandmother to travel abroad with her grandson. The consent must clearly state all the conditions and restrictions in accordance with the law.

Types of consents


Consent to a minor's travel abroad;

Consent to accompany a minor;

Spousal consent;

Spousal consent to transfer property, to purchase a share (part of a share);

Spousal consent to the alienation, purchase or lease of property;

Spousal consent to property donation;

Spousal consent to property exchange;

Sposal consent to life estate agreement;

Consent to refuse to privatize a flat/room;

Consent to residence registration.

Statements and other documents

A formal statement is a written document prepared on behalf of one person or group of persons. In this document you express a request or complaint against an official of an entity. The document is a subject to consideration in the manner prescribed by law. Usually our clients write statements about the exercise of their rights or about the waiver of these rights.

Certificates of well-being and signature certification

According to laws, when a notary certifies the authenticity of a signature, they do not certify the facts stated in the document, only the identity of the signatory. Therefore, the document is signed in the notary’s presence, so that they see the fact of the signature with their own eyes.

Certificate of authenticity of a document copy

Notary confirms that the copy of the document is fully consistent with the original. The notary public is not responsible for the facts set forth in the document, but only compares the correspondence of the text and certifies the signature of the applicant.

In the United States, notaries are prohibited from certifying copies of documents if they contain state or medical secrets and have a signature stamp on the inadmissibility of copying (or stamped “Secret” / “Top Secret”).

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