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Lex Global Inc. is a company that has been present on the US market since 2008. Today we can offer a wide range of translation services. Our experienced translators can easily translate legal documents, asylum documents, various visa types (student, work or immigrant investor visas), official law enforcement documents, technical documents, medical documents, fiction, tender documents from/into 20 world languages. We offer Notary Services, Apostile and Certificates of Authenticity. We have established cooperation with leading translators, interpreters and attorneys from both the USA and many countries of the former USSR, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan and others. When you use our services yo...


Founder of
Lex Global Inc.

My name is Natalia Ekimovsky. I am a certified court interpreter in Illinois and a member of the American Translators Association (ATA). After receiving my law degree in the Civil Service Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia, I practiced as an attorney in a bank, worked for a logging and oil company, and then became a notary public.

In 2001, I moved to the United States, where I graduated from Harper College with Paralegal degree, then Roosevelt University with Bachelor Degree, and joined John Clarke and Associates, LTD. Thanks to my professional qualities, we experienced a massive influx of Russian and Ukrainian speaking clients. By 2007, I already had gained significant expertise in interpreting.

In 2006, I got my state notary license. Since then I have been helping clients from the former USSR countries who need various types of documents, including consents and powers of attorney.

Soon I passed my qualification exam and became an interpreter for immigration and federal courts. Working all over the United States, I gained extensive experience in interpreting hearings on deportation, removal, asylum and others. I have served as an interpreter for USCIS in cases involving green cards, citizenship, fiancée visas, family matters, etc. I am Certified Court Interpreter for the State of Illinois.

I believe that a competent interpreting and translation is crucial for a fast-track US legalization. That is why I founded Lex Global Inc. that provides certified translation and notarization services across the USA. We work with the best translators / interpreters and provide a full range of services, from document translation to courtroom interpretation. All our employees sign an NDA, a non-disclosure agreement that covers any data received from a client, real or potential.

Lex Global Inc. is trusted by America’s most demanding civil and criminal attorneys. I am happy when our clients have their petitions approved, when children reunite with parents, when new immigrants receive asylum status, green card, and U.S. citizenship. Everything we do is aimed to help you achieve your goals.

Our job it is not always about “word for word” translation. The most important thing is to convey the client’s ideas without any distortion of the meaning. This is the first priority for all our employees. Sometimes a judge’s decision depends on a single phrase, which must be translated correctly. This is a great responsibility for an interpreter. When your future and future of your family is at stake, a professional interpreter is a must.

Наши особенности

Certified translation, with a license issued by the Court of the State of Illinois

Certified translation, with a license issued by the Court of the State of Illinois

Certified translation, with a license issued by the Court of the State of Illinois

Certified translations are accepted by any courts, immigration services, state and federal entities

Translation of any documents, audio, video recordings, conversations etc.

Lex Global Inc. provides a full range of translation services to many languages. Our services cover a wide range of documents including legal, business, sales and marketing, human resources and general document translation.