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  • We will translate documents in any format: texts, audio files and videos
  • Our translation is accepted by all courts, immigration services and other organizations
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Why do you need a certified translation?

You will need a certified translation for submission to government, such as:

  • personal documents;
  • legal documents;
  • medical documents;
  • scientific documents;
  • tender documents;
  • technical documents.



When you work with us, you can be sure that the only person who will be working with your documents is the translator. No discussions inside or outside the company. Confidentiality is our top priority. We protect our clients’ reputation and sincerely do our best to build trust with our clients.

Translation of documents for asylum (I-589)

We translate any documents, including subpoenas, police reports, documents from courts and prosecutor’s office, video and audio, and any others. Attached is the brochure www.firrp.org Florence project @FIRRP which fully explains the Assylum process. HERE

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Why choose
Lex Global Inc.


We deliver results

Translate documents, audio-video recording, testimonies etc. fully meeting client’s requirements

Minimum turnaround time

We translate documents at a fast turnaround rate; we provide certified translation with notary statement when needed. This will save you time and money. Your documents will be accepted at any government agency.


Professional license issued by the State of Illinois is a guarantee that translations will be accepted in any court, governmental agency, at USCIS, Political Asylum Office and the Board of Immigration Review, as well as any other agrencies.


Our experienced professionals will be able to help you out. Please note that we offer a comprehensive service package that will save you time and money.




We accept the document, evaluate its complexity


We carry out the translation and check the correctness


We certify the translation, notarize it upon request


Submit electronically or on paper

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cost calculation

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    What are the translation cost factors?

    The cost of translation depends on the number of words, thematic and linguistic complexity, as well as the order urgency. We have a fixed price list for standardized documents. The cost of non-standardized documents (for example, statements for asylum applications) is determined by the number of pages.

    But pages can vary, especially if you change the font size, right?

    Obviously. That is why translation companies do not count the length in regular pages but in standard translation pages. One standard translation page is 1,800 characters including spaces, or around 250 words.

    How can I calculate the cost for translating audio/video recordings?

    In such cases, the cost is calculated individually depending on the sound quality, text complexity, and other factors.

    Can I pay for my order remotely without coming to the office?

    Yes, we offer several online payment methods:
    - by bank card (payment by card or through a special online form)
    - by Zelle transfer to our e-mail: lexglobalus@gmail.com
    - using PayPal and Welmo electronic payment systems.

    If it is more convenient for you to come to the office, we can accept your payment in cash, as well as by personal or business check.

    Can I receive translation first and pay later?

    With individuals, we work on a prepayment basis. In most cases we suggest paying for the service when the translation is ready which means that you receive the translation as soon as you pay for it. Partial prepayment is also possible.

    What documents are considered standardized documents?

    We consider a document to be standardized if:
    1) the amount of text content is known and varies little from document to document
    2) the document is always made in the same way.

    We have a fixed rate for translating such documents.

    Standard documents such as birth, marriage and divorce certificates are charged at fixed rate price.

    Can I send you the documents via e-mail?

    Yes, off course, you can e-mail documents to us.

    I only have a copy of the document. Is it necessary to show the original when placing an order or leave it for the time of service?

    No, we do not need originals

    The owner of the document won’t be able to submit the documents themselves. Is it required to be present at the time of submitting?

    No, we accept documents from any customer. It is not necessary for the owner to come.

    Can I have someone else pick up the finished translation?

    Yes, if you notify us.

    Why do you ask me for more information? For example, you ask me how to spell my name in English. Doesn't the translator know?

    The fact is that there are different ways to spell a name in another language. For example, you can spell the Russian and Ukrainian letters "Я" in English as "YA" or "IA". Both are correct. But for the documents to be accepted, the names must be spelled the same way everywhere. That is why we make sure to find out which spelling variant is used in the documents you have already translated.