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What is Apostile

Apostille is an official confirmation of the authenticity of your document (e.g., birth or marriage certificates, diplomas, powers of attorney, statements, etc.), as well as all the signatures on it. With an apostille, your document becomes valid beyond the country in which it was issued.

Previously, documents had to be legalized through embassies and consulates. However, this was a lengthy and expensive process. In 1961, the member states of the Hague Convention agreed to accept apostilled documents from each other without additional formalities.

The completed apostille is translated into the language of the recipient country. The translation must be certified. Afterward, it is attached to the document.

We provide apostille services for documents issued in the USA. We also offer certified translations for documents issued in other countries.


Regular apostille (ready in one week) – $125 for the first document, $15 for each additional document.

Expedited apostille (ready in 24 hours) – $200 for the first document, $15 for each additional document.

We accept your documents at our office. Completed documents with apostilles can be delivered to the suburbs of Chicago. Document notarization is free.

Mobile notary services available:

Northwest Chicago suburbs – $125 for mobile service.

Longer distances – $150 and $200 for mobile service.

Notarization is for free.

Forms and templates available for an additional fee.

Office notary services at hourly rates:

2 hours — $100
3‑5 hours — $200
6‑8 hours — $300

Certified translation of documents

$40 per 1 translation page (250 words). If your document is less than 5 translation pages, we can translate it within 24 hours.

By certifying the translation, we vouch for its quality. Therefore, we certify only those translations that have been done by our company.



When you work with us, you can be sure that the only person who will be working with your documents is the translator. No discussions inside or outside the company. Confidentiality is our top priority. We protect our clients’ reputation and sincerely do our best to build trust with our clients.